Alexander Galkin


Queens University

Queens University Bioscience Olympiad

I organized and hosted this event since 2010. Annual Bioscience Olympiad is aimed for development of bioscience-oriented academic thinking and a creative approach to problem-solving in school children.

Examples of question: 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015. The expected model answers can be found here.

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Bioenergetics outreach, dissemination

Bioenergetics for secondary schools

This is a pdf version of "Energy versus Death" lecture for secondary/high schools.

Biochemical songbook

The Biochemists' Songbook by Harold Baum

This page contains links to MP3 versions of songs from The Biochemists' Songbook published in 1982 by Pergamon Press. These songs were written by Harold Baum and can be found on Amazon.